Hi my name is Dina and I have a barn full of rescue horses! Horses no one wanted and horses that people did not understand! I met Dawn a few years ago through one of my friends. Dawn was invited to my barn by that friend, and that is how we met. Dawn walked threw my barns first to get a feel of the place and in one barn she pointed out some things in which I already knew about but she did not when she arrived! #1 was a horse died in one of the stalls years earlier, Out of the 17 stalls she picked the exact one and #2 a person had passed in my tack room at one point. All correct! I was having some trouble at the farm with mysterious things happening and Dawn was able to give me some answers to what was going on through communicating with my horses. All pretty accurate I must say as they where my suspicions as well and was confirmed by Dawn and of course my horses through Dawn's Communication with them. I will say this again, I had not told or spoken to Dawn about anything as we had just met, basically she had no info at all when she arrived and same with any other communications for the readings. Dawn also Performed some Reiki on a few of my rescues that had medical issues. Even though they where not cured they felt better. What Dawn had pointed out for issues was also confirmed by my vet as well later on.
My rescues instantly took a liking to Dawn and as a person who understands animals myself from the inside out, I believe Your animals will tell you about others in their presence. They are excellent people readers, sometimes better then people themselves. Dawn passed the test for those who only have bonded to me. They let her near them. She described accurately their personality and likes and dislikes. She also told me about some past happening in which I was already told when I got them. So I believe she is a trust worthy communicator.
Dawn not only helped me out when my animals needed to communicate what was going on but also helped them with certain things they needed themselves to understand. I was also present when Dawn did a reading for my friend on her cats, she was accurate on that also as I know the cats and could see what she was talking about to be true.
Dawn did an amazing Job through the 3 years I have known her and she is also someone I would trust to communicate with my animals as she has been on target and the animals like her.


Dear Dawn,
Thank you for leading me through that past life regression.  I appreciate your steady voice and the excellent questions you were asking me as I was in a past life.  It was so relevant to what I’m going through today and helped give me the insight and perspective I was  seeking with regards to a particular issue.  It was such a comfortable session and I was able to totally relax and follow what you were saying throughout the process.  Thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing!
Val Miller
Hypnotist and Energy Healer


Dawn has been an exceptional teacher, and her Reiki is amazing. Her intuitive work and Akashic Record readings are very thorough, and done with a loving energy. A recent past life regression was quite interesting and while in my home she calmed all of my pets who instantly came to her (even my scaredy cat who doesn't come out of hiding for new people!). She even makes blessed candles, which I use for special prayers and intentions. I can't say enough about Dawn and her gifts. I *highly* recommend her!

                                                                                                                                                                                      D. Dunlap


I recently took my Reiki I class with Dawn and I am so glad I did, she is an excellent teacher. This class was inspiring and full  of so much positive energy. She was prepared with our own binder full of the information needed to continue Reiki treatments. Presenting me with my diploma at the end of the two day class. I would recommend her services to everyone. J. Kickery

"I can't say enough about Dawn. She has helped me and two of my dogs with Reiki. Kiyah was the first one that needed her help, she tore both of her ACL'S on her back legs from playing. I wanted to try Reiki to see if it would help her and if not I was going the surgery route. I can't thank Dawn enough, because of her, Kiyah did not need surgery. 
Cooper was the second dog in need of help due to the fact he was Heartworm positive and needed treatment. I had Dawn do distance Reiki for him since he had to be at the vet for a couple of days and the treatment was harsh. She informed me that he showed her he wasn't feeling very good but his Spirit was still puppy like. The day I picked him up and brought him home he showed no signs of being sick from the treatment. He made a full recovery and is a healthy happy 8 year old puppy. Dawn is amazing."

                                                  S. Bowden


Dawn is a beautiful Soul gentle soul. I have received Reiki and an Akashic Record reading. She has such a healing touch and is amazingly intuitive. I have also witnessed animals receiving her Reiki and it was beautifully angelic. She has a wonderful spirit! Angela Dimock

 Dawn is an amazing healer, teacher and force for positive change in the world! I have gotten readings from her and studied Reiki with her. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and extremely intuitive. Working with her is a life changing experience."  Karen Schiltz Photog

Hi Dawn - Lynn Paula & Mickey here. We spoke on July 24 for a little communication session, and I just wanted to thank you. Our session was so helpful and reassuring. And your suggestions on how to talk to/communicate with Mickey (and how to touch him), and how to interrupt him when he goes into attack/predatory mode was particularly helpful. Our life together has now gotten even smoother, sweeter, and nicer since we met you.
So thank you for that - we are very grateful. And we appreciate & admire your gift....  We love you!
Take care...   (o:
L & M