Angel Readings with Energy Healing

Angels are always around us, sending us loving messages and signs. The repetitive thoughts in your head, the song that plays every time you turn on the radio or the lyric that is stuck in your mind, the clouds shaped as Angel wings (or other significant shapes), feathers landing near or on you, the thought there is something else you are supposed to be doing in your life. These are just a few ways Angels are trying to communicate with you, in order to keep you in line with your Spiritual path. The Angels are there, but cannot help unless you ask. Through Angel card readings, I intuitively receive messages that will help answer questions in your life. You can simply even ask the Angels - what do they want you to know (?)...and you will receive the guidance that you are looking for. Angels help me every day in my life...since I started asking. 
An Angel card reading consists of three cards; the first card being your most recent past with respect to the situation you have inquired about, the middle card represents the present and what you need to know or do in regard to remedy the situation, and the third card represents what will most likely manifest in the future should you follow the Angels guidance. 
An Angel card reading can be combined with energy healing to remove negative energies from your energy field and to facilitate healing for your soul.

Energy Healing
During an energy healing session, I am guided by your Angels and Guides to use a range of energy healing techniques with the intention of removing any negative thoughts, feelings and energies from your energy field - while facilitating healing for your Soul. These techniques can be very subtle, or you might experience a very powerful healing. Either way, a positive shift will occur on some level for your highest good and healing.
Energy healing can be combined with an Angel card reading or an Akashic Record reading. During the reading we address an issue or concern you are having, and then I use energy healing techniques to help heal the issue. 

Session Options